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Thrash of the Titans    
Thrash of the Titans
August 11, 2001- Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA

TOM ARAYA (Slayer)

METAL UPDATE: Tom, how does it feel it to be back in the old school metal vibe?

TOM ARAYA: Well, it feels cool. It's good. I don't like the circumstances that this came under. I don't like why this had to come together. But I'm glad that it did. And I'm glad that everyone is taking the time and showing an interest in caring for someone other than themselves. I think it's really cool.

MU: It's very cool that you are here. Do you still feel the same connection to this music and this scene?

TA: Yeah. (laughs in an evil fashion)

MU: You don't think you've changed or progressed into something else?

TA: We've just gotten older, that's about it.

MU: Are you going to Japan for the big festival next week?

TA: Yep. Goin' to Japan. And then we're going to Australia and then we head out to Europe.

MU: After the new album comes out are you going to do another tour?

TA: We'll do a U.S. tour probably in November.

MU: What're you going to do here tonight? Are you going to perform?

TA: Actually, I just came here to spend some time with Chuck.





DAN LILKER (S.O.D., etc.)

METAL UPDATE: What do you think of the event?

DAN LILKER: This is killer. It's great seeing all these bands you thought would never play again play together.

MU: You remember all of these guys?

DL: Yeah, total nostalgia. And for a really good cause too.

MU: Were you in Milwaukee?

DL: Yeah, last night.

MU: How did that event compare to this one?

DL: Totally different scene. Each one is really cool in its own way, I guess.

MU: Do you think the old school and the new school are unified?

DL: Nah, but it doesn't matter. (laughs)

MU: Which one do you belong in?

DL: I don't belong anywhere.

MU: Are you psyched on any of these bands?

DL: I'm about to go check out Death Angel and I'm psyched for that!

Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam

ED BILLY (Chuck Billy's brother)

METAL UPDATE: What do you think of all this?

ED BILLY: It takes the breath out of me just thinking about all of this stuff.

MU: People are showing a lotta love, huh?

EB: Big time. On the way here I saw a car that said "Virginia Supports Chuck Billy." And I thought that was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. We think it is just the Bay Area here, but people have come from all across the entire country to help support Chuck and what he's gone through. It really is amazing.





METAL UPDATE: What's going on with M.O.D.?

SPARKY VOYLES: M.O.D. is in the midst of a North American tour. We've already done ten shows. We played the Whisky in Hollywood last night. We're here tonight hanging out. Billy Milano is M.C.'ing the event tonight, and then we're also going to be playing a show out here before heading back east to do a bunch more shows.

MU: How does it feel to play this stuff compared to Dying Fetus?

SV: It's a little different man. Fetus was more involved, and there I was playing guitar. I'm playing bass with M.O.D. so I can get a bit more thrashed out. But Billy's fucking hilarious.

MU: What's next for you after this tour?

SV: I don't know. Kevin and Jason from Dying Fetus have their side project, Misery Index. So if they go out and do some shows I'll be playing guitar with them. I'm just gonna keep my ear to the ground and stay on top of what's going on.

Forbidden Evil

Forbidden Evil

Forbidden Evil

Forbidden Evil

Forbidden Evil

ERIC A.K. (Flotsam and Jetsam)

METAL UPDATE: Everybody thought you couldn't still hit those high notes!

ERIC AK: I cut a gonad off for tonight's performance, just so I could hit the highs again. (laughs)

MU: Are you still having fun with all of this shit?

EAK: I'm not getting any younger, but it's not getting any less fun.

MU: Is it a struggle for you to still sing those old songs?

EAK: Nah, you do it so many times it's like breathing now.

Death Angel

Death Angel

Death Angel

ALEX SKOLNIK (Testament)

METAL UPDATE: Alex, what do you think of all of this?

ALEX SKOLNIK: I think it's amazing. I'm having the best time. I had no idea how cool this would be.

MU: Are you still happy to be associated with Testament after all of these years?

AS: Absolutely. I never forgot about it. I think I was misunderstood, just 'cause I moved on to other stuff. Believe me, I remember. And here I am.

MU: Did you ever believe that this many years later, this many people would come out to support Chuck Billy?

AS: It's very impressive. We always knew how much great support and appreciation we got over the years. Even now, I get emails from fans. It is a great thing. But yeah, this is pretty impressive. To sell out the Maritime Hall, and have all of these great bands. . .

MU: Are you still involved with Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

AS: Those guys are putting me to work! I have to write charts for those guys now. (laughs) And I'm going to be doing the next tour. I have a lot of activities coming up with them.

MU: Are you going to participate in the re-recording of the old Testament tracks?

AS: We did that.

MU: How did that turn out?

AS: It's sounding amazing.

MU: Are you doing the same leads?

AS: Yes and no. I'm doing - it's really artwork. I'm taking the old ones and I'm reinterpreting them the way I play now. I play in more of a jazz, improvisation-style now. It's the same sound, and you'll hear a lot of the same moments, but there's going to be something different.






METAL UPDATE: What do you think of the event?

RUSS ANDERSON: It's cool man. It's probably like I expected it to be. It's a reunion.

MU: Do you feel the old school metal vibe in the air?

RA: Oh yeah. Definitely.

MU: Any chance of Forbidden ever getting back together?

RA: No. No chance Forbidden will ever get back together again. I'm not sure about any other shows. As far as getting together and doing an album? Nah, it's not happening.

MU: What are you doing now?

RA: Parking Lot Prophets. It's a different thing than heavy metal, but it's pretty heavy stuff. Probably the best Russ Anderson vocals ever.

MU: Where do people go to find out about that?







METAL UPDATE: What do you think of this?

STEEV ESQUIVEL: I'm here for Chuck, and that's the only reason why I'm here. But as I walk around I see some of my old partners. It's a beautiful sight, probably one of the most fun concerts I've been to in years.

MU: Does it bring back memories of Defiance?

SE: Yeah, because as soon I got off of the Bay Bridge, me and my wife were stopped at a stop sign and Jim Adams, our guitar player for Defiance, was walking across. That was the first person I ran into when I got here. Defiance is definitely in mind. Doug Herrington? says what's-up, he couldn't be here today.





STEVE "Zetro" SOUZA (Legacy, Exodus)

METAL UPDATE: What do you think of the event?

STEVE SOUZA: The event's too crazy! Watch out for F-Bomb! We're coming. We're coming. We're coming! (laughs) But seriously, this is unreal.

MU: How did it feel to front Exodus again in 2001?

SS: Just to get on stage with those other guys again . . .

MU: What's you favorite Exodus record?

SS: 'Fabulous Disaster'. Definitely.


METAL UPDATE: What do you think of the event, Eric?

ERIC PETERSEN: This is totally awesome. I'm so happy that everyone took part in it for Chuck. Man, we've got to do this every year.

MU: Are you psyched to play tonight?

EP: I'm psyched. I wanna play. I've been waiting forever. I'm going fucking nuts over here! I think we should take this to the U.K., or the east coast. It costs a lot of money though.






METAL UPDATE: What do you think of the event tonight?

PAUL BALOFF: Fuckin' awesome! It's great!

MU: Why did you close with a song from 'Impact is Imminent'?

PB: Because I gotta do songs that are heavy, even if I didn't make 'em up!

MU: So like you opened with "Pleasures of the Flesh". You like singing that song?

PB: I love "Pleasures of the Flesh". "Pleasures of the Flesh" is one of my favorite songs right now.

MU: When's Exodus gonna get back together?

PB: We're already back together. Are we gonna write new material? Yeah.

MU: Is there a new Exodus studio album coming?

PB: Yeah, for sure. Definitely.






SEAN KILLIAN (Vio-lence)

METAL UPDATE: How do you think it went out there tonight?

SEAN KILLIAN: It went great. It was awesome.

MU: Why didn't you play "Calling in the Coroner"? Or "Bodies on Bodies"?

SK: We each picked a few songs we wanted to play, and made a set out of that.

MU: Which songs did you pick, Sean?

SK: "Serial Killer" and "Mentally Afflicted".

MU: Are you gonna get back together?

SK: We'll see.

MU: There's a chance Vio-lence will be back together?

SK: We'll be talking.

MU: Do you want to do it?

SK: It's fine. I like doing it. I've got a lot going on in my life right now.

MU: Bring Vio-lence back!

SK: We'll think about it.

JASON WARD (Flotsam and Jetsam)

METAL UPDATE: How'd it go?

JASON WARD: We're just out here for Chuck Billy. We're just really happy to be here. I know we're a last minute add in, but I just think it has been great to play here.

MU: Are you psyched for any of the bands?

JW: I haven't had a chance to play with Anthrax, and I've hung out with them a bunch of times, so it will be great to see them tonight. Exodus has been an old favorite of mine and it is going to be great to see them. Everybody on this bill is totally cool. We couldn't be happier to be added in at the last minute. I know Laaz Rockit fell out of being able to do the show, and we weren't sure if we were gonna be able to even get here, but we were lucky enough to do a pretty good show in LA to be lucky enough to get the money to come out here.

MU: Are you getting a tour together?

JW: In late September, around the 26th or so, we're gonna do three and a half or four weeks here in the states, and then we're gonna go out to Europe after that.

BRIAN POSEHN ("Kevin" from NBC TV's 'Just Shoot Me')

METAL UPDATE: Are you a metalhead?

BRIAN POSEHN: Yeah. I'm from here, I grew up here, and I used to see Testament all of the time.

MU: So you're here to support Chuck Billy?

BP: Yeah, totally. I love all of the other bands too.

MU: David Spade doesn't give a fuck, does he?

BP: No, he probably listens to bands like Eve 6 and bullshit like that.

MU: Have you seen any bands here already today?

BP: I just watched Flotsam. They were good. I'm looking forward to Death Angel. They were one of my favorites back in the day.

MU: Any other bands you're looking forward to seeing?

BP: I'm friends with Anthrax, I came to see them basically. I flew up from LA.

MU: Do you keep up with modern metal?

BP: Yeah, but most of the new stuff is pretty weak. I heard that new Slayer record already though, and that's fuckin' amazing.


review of Thrash of the Titans




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