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March Metal Meltdown
march metal meltdown
Introduction      March 10, 2000      March 11, 2000

It was the love of metal that brought throngs of dark warriors to Pennsauken, NJ on the weekend of March 11th & 12th for the second annual March Metal Meltdown. If you were to judge this event on the sheer metalness of it all, you'd have to give this weekend of mayhem two horns up - way up! There were about a zillion bands, two bar areas and a multitude of vendors. The spirit of metal hung thickly in the air throughout every nook and cranny of that venue. There wasn't a moment when the sound of distorted guitars and pounding drums weren't echoing through the room. Promoter Jack Koshick has the ability to throw one hell of a party. If anything, an argument can be made that there was simply too much metal. There were too many bands for the venue. So many bands were scheduled that two stages had to run simultaneously in the same room. Scheduling was such that big name acts had to play against each other in the same time slot. It was almost impossible for a lover of all that is metal to catch the full set of all the bands worthy of attention. Is there such a thing as too much metal? Maybe. But there is also something to be said for gathering so much metal under one roof.

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