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God Forbid    
God Forbid
Metal Update was able to catch up with Dallas Coyle, guitarist of New Jersey thrashers God Forbid. Dallas and his bandmates were in Brooklyn wrapping up a tour with Arch Enemy in mid-November, so we dragged him aside to talk about how they always seem to land on the best tours and the new material they are writing. That night, the band played three songs that portray a different sound than many of us are typically used to hearing from God Forbid, but it was undeniably their own style. If you were lucky enough to hear these tracks during some leg of the tour, you know that their new album shouldn't have much of a problem standing alongside their highly regarded 2001 release 'Determination'.

METAL UPDATE: Tell me quickly about how you guys all met.

DALLAS COYLE: I think it was about 1996. My brother and I were real young. We had a mutual friend that knew the cousin of Byron and Corey, our drummer and singer. We started practicing maybe once every couple of months, and then twice a week and we became really good friends.

MU: Were there a lot of lineup changes in the first couple of years?

DC: Only one, well the singer and the bass player. Byron was our bass player at first, but then he moved to vocals. We didn't have a bass player, so we got my ex-girlfriend, but then she left and we got [John], which was in 1998.


MU: How old were you guys when the band really pulled together? You mentioned that you were really young.

DC: We didn't turn into God Forbid until 1998, but before [John] we had a different name. I guess we started when I was 16. My brother was 15.

MU: Like one of the other bands playing tonight, Arch Enemy, you guys share brothers as guitarists. Is that a productive thing, or do you guys step on each other's toes once in a while?

DC: No, it works really well. The good thing about being brothers is, because we grew up together, we kind of know what each other's good and bad traits are. My brother is really good at putting songs together and he writes more melodic. I write heavier. We both can write either way. If there is a missing part in a song, like if my brother wrote a song, I can usually come up with something because it needs my part to work. So if I show him something, it's easy because it isn't like showing someone who doesn't know how to play our style. That's why if you look at brother bands, they are usually the best bands out there - the most consistent bands, and the ones who write the best material.

MU: Do you and your brother write the majority of the music?

DC: We do, but without everyone else it doesn't sound [as good].

Byron Corey

MU: Before this, who were you on tour with in 2002?

DC: We haven't been on tour for like three months, but I think the last band we toured with was Chimera. We've been writing our new album. This tour was last minute because Arch Enemy specifically asked for us.

MU: Really?

DC: Yeah. We toured with Cradle of Filth and Adrian [Erlandsson] is the brother of Daniel from Arch Enemy. We got along real well with Cradle of Filth, so I think through that connection we got this tour. It's great because we get to try out our new songs.

MU: Who else, other than Cradle of Filth, were you out with while on tour for 'Determination'?

DC: We toured with GWAR, Hatebreed and Mushroomhead. We did a couple of shows with Meshuggah recently - so many bands. Stampin' Ground. Nevermore and Opeth, that was our first US tour. We toured with Diecast. Every tour we do we make great friends. We've been to England twice also.


MU: Do you guys enjoy being on the road so much?

DC: It's all we want to do. The only reason we aren't on the road right now is because we didn't really get the proper support in Europe, so we really had to come home to write a new album. I'm really tired of playing the old songs. I just want to play the new songs, but if we got on a big tour we would definitely go out and do it.

MU: Does all this touring help or hinder the band's songwriting process?

DC: Touring helps and hinders. When we left [for the Arch Enemy tour] we were in a writing groove, so it can hurt that, but now we're in a groove or mindset where we know how we want to write our songs. I think going on tour might help us because we are seeing that our new songs are getting really good reactions, so it's showing us that we are going in the right path. Right now it is helping us.

MU: How is the new album coming together?

DC: It's going good. We have three complete songs, four others that are almost done, and we have so much other shit that's there - that can be really good songs. I'm real excited because it's a lot heavier and it's not as crazy. Before we were trying to be crazy but now we're trying to write good songs.


MU: How does the new stuff compare to 'Determination'?

DC: It's heavier - a lot more brutal. It's more like that Pantera style. I guess you could compare our last record to Slayer in a kind of way. We'll probably have one or two fast songs on the record for tempo, but we really want to groove. We want to get the crowd moving. I'm gonna be singing on the new album. It's gonna be a lot different, but it's still gonna be God Forbid.

MU: Are there going to be clean vocals?

DC: Clean vocals, but not really. Dirty singing. More along the Alice in Chains level.

MU: Are you guys planning on going right into the studio after tonight?

DC: We're heading into the studio in February. We're probably going to spend six weeks writing five days a week, getting things as tight as possible. We're using Adam D, who did the Killswitch record, to do ours and we'll probably get Andy Sneap to mix. Things can change, but right now that looks like the most possible thing. It's a good combination for us, so I'm excited.


review of God Forbid 'Determination'

"Broken Promise" from 'Determination'





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