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Decapitated have been known as "that young death metal band from Poland." But, clearly, there's more to it than that. Hanson? Think again. These guys are more than a novelty. The band's debut album 'Winds Of Creation' proved that Decapitated is a force to be reckoned with. Since then, the band has evolved into an even more vicious death metal force. With their second release 'Nihility', Decapitated are playing with the big boys. The Metal Update checked in with vocalist Sauron to find out more about these Polish death mongers.

METAL UPDATE: Could you tell me how and when Decapitated came together?

SAURON: It was 1996 when we started. We were attending music schools and had the same interests so we came together to make a band.

MU: How old was everyone at the time?

S: Vitek was 12. Martin was 13. Vogg and myself were 15.

MU: What are your present ages?

S: Vitek is 18. Martin is 19. Vogg and myself are 21.

MU: How did you hook up with Earache records?

S: It all started with signing a deal with Massive Management. It's also Vader's management. Massive Management gave some money for the recording of the first album. It turned out that there were quite a lot of offers. We were really close to a deal with Century Media but we were too young and the label was afraid that they could not make it with all the tours and the schedule at the time. Then Earache appeared and it seemed to be a good choice.

MU: Was this before Relapse put Decapitated on the Polish Assault comp?

S: Relapse was one of the labels that would possibly release the record. But it was only after the signing of the deal with Earache that Relapse released the second demo on the compilation. The plan was for the compilation to be published before the first record but there was some delay. I want to thank Relapse for doing a good job for the underground. You don't get any money from that.

MU: I hear that. Who in the band has attended music schooling?

S: All the members have attended primary and secondary music schools. Martin and Vitek are still in secondary school. Vogg is doing his studies at the Instrumental Department of the Academy of Krakow. I am doing my musicology studies.

MU: Has the schooling had any impact on the Decapitated sound?

S: There is no direct influence because we are playing completely different instruments in school and playing different music but it must have had some impact. We've always been around music. It's easier to arrange music and put music together. The skills in the instruments are huge. One of the aims of the band is to make people appreciate death metal music. It's hard to compare classical music to death metal music.


MU: How often does the band practice?

S: We live in different cities. We practice individually. As far as rehearsals are concerned I can tell you an interesting thing. We haven't rehearsed since the recording of 'Nihility'. We rehearse when it is needed. So before tours or recording sessions we practice. The band's lineup hasn't changed so we understand each other and we gig very often. But it's more intensive rehearsals before important moments in the band's existence. Before the 'Nihility' session we played almost every day for two months before the recording.

MU: Do you feel this new album has progressed much since 'Winds of Creation'?

S: There has been a huge progress. We went through a more natural progression. We've been around music all the time. There isn't any revolution in the music, but there must be some change. It's been quite a long period of time since the recording of the first album, which contains material from the first demos. The progress has been much better. The audience will be able to pinpoint the differences. It's the same style but developed. It's still evolving.

MU: You guys have received astonishing press since the 'Winds of Creation' debut. Do you think Decapitated will rise to the top of the death metal competition?

S: I am very happy about it and that people chose us, especially the audience polls. It might have been the fact that the label is from Britain and the promotion was excellent there. You might have noticed that the first tour in England with Lock Up and Corporation 187 turned out excellent. So Earache must have done a great job.

MU: Where do you get your lyrical ideas?

S: This time I just wrote about my feelings inside of me. In the previous production there are more mythological themes. This time I also wrote about things that I read and observed, but in my point of view. It was tackled from one perspective. I can't say whether it'll be the same on the next record.

MU: What initially got you into metal?

S: It was just from listening to the music. It was natural. Privately, we play different music in school, but this genre of music, death metal, is closest to us.

MU: What are you listening to these days?

S: For example, some of us like Slipknot. Also the latest Immolation release. Morbid Angel are the gods. Cryptopsy. But it's not only death metal. Vogg and Martin listen to Dream Theater - different genres. It's mainly metal but also other kinds of music. Surely, we will never stop playing other kinds of music. If we want to do some other music, we will just do it on another label with another name. Decapitated is the main thing we are concentrating on now.

MU: How is the Polish metal scene?

S: Death metal is the main metal genre in Poland. The proportion of bands is 90%. I think that the Polish scene has a lot to offer. You can mention such names as Vader, Yattering and Behemoth. The Polish scene is quite strong at the moment. It is worth noticing some of the Polish bands. It should be better and better.

MU: Who has Decapitated had the opportunity to tour with?

S: The first tour was with Lock Up and Corporation 187. Then the Immolation, Destroyer 666 and Deranged tour throughout Poland with Vader. Now there are plans for a tour with Enslaved. There is also Vader and Krisiun throughout Europe, about 50 gigs. It's in autumn.

MU: I heard that you had to cancel some tours recently with Vader and Dillenger Escape Plan due to school commitments.

S: Yeah, it's true. It's hard to fit tour and schooling. Now is not a very good time for tours because of school and so on. We really regret it, but nothing can be done. We are trying to fill in our breaks from school to play as many gigs as possible. The tour with Dillenger Escape Plan was just at the worst possible moment but we will try to make up for and on tour with Vader and Krisiun. We're trying to get to the States as well. The management is saying that everything looks good but it doesn't depend on the event. It's financial problems, also.

MU: Who would you most like to tour with that you haven't played with yet?

S: It would be great to play with our favorites Morbid Angel. The most important thing is to just play as many gigs as possible to as many people as possible. I would like to play a tour with Ozzy Osbourne but that is probably not possible.

MU: What are some future plans of the band?

S: Promotion of the new release through gigs with Enslaved, Vader and Krisiun. Eventually the band is playing a special gig in Poland. We will be arriving in Krakow for the concert, interviews and the after party of course. At the present time we are not thinking of composing new tracks. We need to have breaks after recording so mainly gigs. That is the main thing.


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review of Decapitated 'Winds Of Creation'

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